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My conversation with Dana unexpectedly became a mixture of motherhood strategy and IFCAP strategy, motherhood purpose and IFCAP purpose. I told her I did not want to disappear, to be rendered invisible. I was scared that if I continued our hiatus, both I and IFCAP would evaporate forever from everyone’s minds, but I was not sure how to proceed.


Body-Shaming and Motherhood in the Theatre | Parent Artist Advocacy League for the Performing Arts

by Rachel Spencer Hewitt PAAL Founder "A reminder to us who train designers and have assistants - that we must 'TEACH' fitting room etiquette and sensitivity." - Valerie Marcus Ramshur, Head of Costume Design/Rutgers University - PAAL Rep NYC As we've mentioned in other articles, online communities have become sanctuaries for women in the theatre who choose... Continue Reading →

500 Words or Less

by Catherine Mueller Melwani PAAL Contribution Rep, NYC Below is a first response to this impossible writing prompt: In 500 words or less, please share your story about becoming a mother. Was there anything about your experience that defies conventions? And what aspects were the most important, meaningful or difficult for you? It is 630am.  My son... Continue Reading →

The Three Things: How to Talk to a Pregnant Person

How is it that we, as a society, have not established an acceptable pregnancy etiquette? Calling out rampant ignorance and disrespect in our culture toward expectant mothers while tackling the question "what is acceptable discourse?": PAAL contribution rep and theatre artist/mother Catherine Mueller

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