Facebook LIVE – JULY 5 @ 4:15PM EST: Interview with Playwright Emma Gibson

Emma Gibson Motherhood Series

Tune in LIVE for our interview with Emma Gibson, motherhood festival playwright of Water in My Hands going up at the Motherhood Festival Series from our partner organization the Philadelphia Women’s Theatre Festival!

To see the interview, visit our Facebook page here: Facebook.com/paalperformingarts

Read more about Emma’s play and the festival here:

By Emma Gibson

A Motherhood Reading Series play by Emma Gibson, produced in partnership with Philadelphia Women’s Theatre Festival and Parent Artist Advocacy League – PAAL for Performing Arts.

Sorrel is busy preparing for her wedding even though her fiancé has just died, and Maria’s eyebrows are still not growing back. Gerry wants to know if the weather will improve so that he can lie on his back in the grass, and Eric’s wife has someone else’s heart beating inside her. Through a series of interweaving accounts, Water in My Hands, lays bare the power of grief, and asks, ‘how do we move on when we are haunted by the life that we have not yet lived?

VENUE: Music Theatre Philly
DATE/TIME: August 2, 2018 at 6:30 pm

*Child care is available during all PWTF performances and children are welcome to be with their parents, if need be. Mothers are welcome to breastfeed their infants. Child care drop-off begins 30 minutes prior to performances and a children’s musical, THE KING WHO WANTED TO CLEAN THE MOON, will perform in the child care studio. PWTF will also host games and crafts.

Festival and family passes also available: https://www.artful.ly/philadelphia-women-s-theatre-festival/store/passes

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