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When PAAL officially launched in 2017, Philadelphia was the first chapter city to host it. PAAL has since been featured in countless conversations around the country, advocating for parent artists, including the upcoming Women of Broadway panel on parenthood in the theatre in New York City on May 7.

Before diving into our third year, PAAL wanted to regroup and check out the efforts happening in this city. PAAL has always wanted to serve as a vocal resource for parent artists and caregivers and, in large part, become a database of the actionable change happening out in the world while helping others replicate.

In this piece, we wanted to feature the organizations in Philadelphia who are family-friendly and game-changing for parent artists. Check them out!

Theatre PhiladelphiaWHO: Theatre Philadelphia, The Barrymore Awards
WHAT: Childcare Stipends for the Barrymore Nominators and Adjudicators
HOW: In partnership with PAAL, Theatre Philadelphia is seeking out opportunity to make seeing theatre accessible for the Barrymore Nominators and Adjudicators by providing stipends for the childcare they need in order to see the shows who qualify for awards.
YOU CAN HELP: The goal is 100 people giving $15 each – can you do it?! DONATE HERE.

Wow. We can make access for Barrymore parents possible. It’s here.



Screen Shot 2019-05-01 at 11.32.09 AMWHO: Simpatico Theatre
WHAT: Cry It Out by Molly Smith Metzler
HOW: More soon on this amazing org – they are PAAL partners taking their already supportive practices and elevating them in every capacity to support parent artists, including featuring stories of parenthood like in the dynamic piece from Molly Smith Metzler.
YOU CAN HELP: Be sure to RSVP to this pay what you can production – it promises great things!!




JAM FB 2019

WHO: Directors Gathering
WHAT: (DG) JAM 2019 Wonder Womxn
HOW: The leadership at (DG) has committed to open conversation with its participating artists to ensure that childcare is part of the conversation of access needs.
YOU CAN HELP: Support wonder womexn and this fierce family-friendly org by getting tickets to this must-see event on May 11! Check out the link here.





PWTF_logo_web_500pxWHO: Philadelphia Women’s Theatre Festival
WHAT: Celebrate Philadelphia Festival 2019
HOW: PWTF hosted the first Motherhood Theatre Festival with PAAL last year. They are historically family-friendly and have continued to incorporate family-friendly practices in their organization’s structure and support.
YOU CAN HELP: Support their “Celebrate Philadelphia” campaign! It goes to creating work that is inclusive for parent artists!



Know of a Philadelphia parent supportive organization that deserves to be featured? Shoot us a message on Facebook! Include the Who, What, How, and You Can Help details!

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