Giving Time to Learn a Mother’s Story: YEN at Raven Theatre

When working on YEN at Raven Theatre, director Elly Green gave birth before first preview. She shared about the trust and support she experienced in Episode 1 of our PAAL TV interview. Now, in Episode 2, we talk about agency, the evolution of need, and what different artists prefer in terms of the proximity of their children to their work.

There’s no prescription, no formula. We love the direction this interview takes because we want to liberate the conversation to focus on agency and communication over “how a mother artist should engage in motherhood and art.” The question is, “do you feel you had agency in this moment?” The more transparency and support we provide in the workplace, the more parents are able to articulate their needs.

It comes down to parent-artist agency.

Tiffany Bedwell, the actor playing Maggie in YEN, also provides beautiful insight into the necessity of removing judgment on mothers. What happens when we recognize that a glance at someone’s life isn’t enough to look down on them? What if we invested in learning about mothers and their needs with the same commitment that an actor invests in knowing and advocating for their character? It’s all here in our mom-coffee chat. Check out Episode 2 here:

Screen Shot 2019-05-01 at 11.52.30 PM


Chicago was the first home to our prototype PAAL forum with our Motherhood in Theatre session. It comes full circle now as we return to investigate the lives of mother artists invested in the work here.

We get to talk a bit about what makes Chicago unique in its willingness to engage in the parent-artist conversation, and what we’d love to see more of.

Don’t miss your last chance to see the fierce, dark, and powerful world these masterful mamas have created: only one more weekend to see YEN! Check it out HERE!

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