International Mother Artist Day is Back Aug. 2 | PAAL

In 2018, PAAL joined with Philadelphia Women’s Theatre Festival for the first Motherhood Reading Festival, which featured four days of four mother directors, four mother playwrights, themes that integrated motherhood, and theatre programming for chidren on-site simultaneously with the reading series for parents to be able to attend with their families.

Last year, almost 100,000 people across the world witnessed our collective celebration of mother artists!

In our brainstorming sessions, one of the initiatives we came up with was “International Mother Artist Day,” where the hashtag #intlmotherartistday was used across the world on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to celebrate the mother artists we are, the mother artists we know, and/or the mother artists who inspire us – all on one, explosive, empowering, and united thread.

On August 2, 2018, the internet was flooded with powerful words, hashtags, and images that reminded us of the diversity, solidarity, raw truth, and beauty to the mother artist reality. The hashtag was celebrated throughout the US, Ireland, parts of the UK, and more!!

And, the best part of all…..IT’S BACK!!!!


This AUGUST 2, 2019, #INTLMOTHERARTISTDAY is launching again for the second annual celebration of mother artists!! Join us on Instagram, Facebook, and/or Twitter by celebrating yourself, a mother artist you know, and/or a mother artist who inspires you! We’d also love to know your insight as an ally or parent to the reality of being a mother artist. Thank you for supporting parents, for celebrating with us, and for looking out for ways to change the way the world for the better for mother artists everywhere. See you there!


To tag and get a repost, copy+paste and include this line for Instagram:
#intlmotherartistday @paaltheatre @phillywomenstheatrefest

To tag and get a retweet, copy+paste and include this line for Twitter:
#intlmotherartistday @paaltheatre @womensthtrfest

To tag and get a share, copy+paste and include this line for Facebook:
#intlmotherartistday @paaltheatre @philadelphiawomenstheatrefest



Screen Shot 2019-07-21 at 3.56.37 AMpaaltheatre

13,766+ engagements on #Instagram, over 68,136 impressions on #Twitter, and countless more on Facebook gives us 80k+ trackable witnesses to our celebration of Mother Artists. We reposted what we could, yet the hash-thread expanded beyond the reposts and speaks for itself of the love shared. This visibility formed solidarity, promoted joy and inclusion of mother makers, and flew in the face of isolation. The power of that effect is immeasurable. Witness the impact of parent artist unification in these inspiring posts #Intlmotherartistday – our three tenets at PAAL are Organize, Network, and Create. We organize to form community and find strength in relationship, we network to increase opportunity and gather resources, and from those joys we can create art, opportunity, and supportive solutions. Thank you to our partner org @phillywomenstheatrefest for launching the day with an entire theatre festival dedicated to motherhood and mother artists. Thank you, all, for celebrating mother artists. Keep each other seen. Keep making. Keep loving. Your visibility matters. #ALLMOMSCAN

Screen Shot 2019-07-21 at 3.58.11 AM


Which words used are your favorite??!! “Today. Artist. Mother.” 😍 Also #imisstheboobsthough may be gold medal in hashtags?! 😂 From power to humor to beauty to honest struggles, we celebrated it all. Here are the threads that attached to #Intlmotherartistday and the words you all used to #celebrate it!! 👌🔥❤️ #ALLMOMSCAN See you next Aug. 2 — but prepare for us to celebrate you the whole year through. 💯


See you there!

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