What She Looks Like: Maria Jeffers, Cellist | PAAL Mother Artist Interview

Here’s the next installment of performing arts professionals who prove that motherhood works beautifully in our unique lifestyle while also being honest about the logistics that come with the exciting combination of life, love, and art. I first met Maria while working on Broadway for the Tony-nominated play King Charles III. I was covering three actresses and... Continue Reading →


What She Looks Like: Jenna Woods | PAAL Mother Artist Interview

Not all performing artist professionals have kids, and that’s cool! But some do. What does that experience look like for such an unpredictable lifestyle? That’s the question I want to explore. So, in honor of mother’s day, I’ve started a series called “What She Looks Like” that profiles performing artist professionals who balance work and motherhood!... Continue Reading →

We Are Here.

My conversation with Dana unexpectedly became a mixture of motherhood strategy and IFCAP strategy, motherhood purpose and IFCAP purpose. I told her I did not want to disappear, to be rendered invisible. I was scared that if I continued our hiatus, both I and IFCAP would evaporate forever from everyone’s minds, but I was not sure how to proceed.

Pregnancy Handbook for Actors and Stage Managers, Pt. 1 | Parent Artist Advocacy League for the Performing Arts

When life collides with work, too often pregnant women are left on their own to navigate the ins and outs of employment, seeking employment, asking for adjustments in employment, or - as some whispers indicate - facing termination of employment. While we hope to put an end to the discrimination of pregnant people in the... Continue Reading →

No Money for Real Change | For Administrators & Parent Artists

by Rachel Spencer Hewitt PAAL Founder Rarely do the arts boast a surplus of resources, and in today's political climate, "the arts" as a social contribution holds little of its deserved value on the economic or cultural scale. Yet, in spite of these obstacles, many artists with added responsibilities, namely parents, crave contributing their gifts and... Continue Reading →

The Three Things: How to Talk to a Pregnant Person

How is it that we, as a society, have not established an acceptable pregnancy etiquette? Calling out rampant ignorance and disrespect in our culture toward expectant mothers while tackling the question "what is acceptable discourse?": PAAL contribution rep and theatre artist/mother Catherine Mueller

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