First National Childcare Grants for All Disciplines in the Performing Arts Awarded by Parent Artist Advocacy League | PAAL

The first national, all-discipline childcare grant awards from Parent Artist Advocacy League for the Performing Arts have been awarded to five recipients, including four individual childcare grants and one institutional childcare match grant. The institution match grant has multiplied and more institution sponsorships and grants will be awarded for this year as well. In just... Continue Reading →


What She Looks Like: Stephanie Alison Walker | Writer | PAAL Mother Artist Interview

With her play The Madres and its sequel The Abuelas - which starts previews this Saturday at Victory Gardens Theater in Chicago - Stephanie Walker takes on the inner terrain of human experience to navigate through our shame, collective responsibility, and the lengths some will go to rectify wrongs. Her protagonists are, in these plays,... Continue Reading →

Mom’s Fatal Fall Highlights Our Accessibility Discussions – Who Will Listen?

TW: Accidents, Mother Death It could have been any mother left without help in need of transportation. In the middle of winter, with fewer than 30% of New York's subways providing elevators, and buses providing mixed requirements on the folding or allowance of strollers on buses, most parents have to access the stairs with strollers,... Continue Reading →

What She Looks Like: Rebecca Phillips Epstein | Screenwriter, Essayist, and Dramaturg | PAAL Mother Artist Interview

With the ability to work in both theatre and television, many gifted writers who become mothers encounter the gaps in our artist support systems two-fold. For one screenwriter and dramaturg mom, pouring the truth about motherhood into her work opened up professional doors - and exposed the need for professional overhaul in how we treat... Continue Reading →

What She Looks Like: Maria Jeffers, Cellist | PAAL Mother Artist Interview

Here’s the next installment of performing arts professionals who prove that motherhood works beautifully in our unique lifestyle while also being honest about the logistics that come with the exciting combination of life, love, and art. I first met Maria while working on Broadway for the Tony-nominated play King Charles III. I was covering three actresses and... Continue Reading →

What She Looks Like: Jenna Woods | PAAL Mother Artist Interview

Not all performing artist professionals have kids, and that’s cool! But some do. What does that experience look like for such an unpredictable lifestyle? That’s the question I want to explore. So, in honor of mother’s day, I’ve started a series called “What She Looks Like” that profiles performing artist professionals who balance work and motherhood!... Continue Reading →

Reframing Rehearsal to Make Space for Motherhood, The Anthropologists and Artemisia’s Intent |PAAL

Innovative solutions in rehearsal for pregnant/mother artists exist. Some companies are restructuring old ways and thinking to support and engage their parent artists. One such company with a touring show going up in NYC on Sept. 14 and at the Scranton Fringe Sept. 27-29 is The Anthropologists with their fierce solo piece Artemisia's Intent, winner... Continue Reading →

Almost Pregnant: Motherhood, Infertility, and Poetry at Philly Fringe 2018 | PAAL

As we search the country for motherhood in content, the most moving topics and experiences come to our attention. Motherhood is not a cookie-cutter experience or achievement. From birth to adoption to fertility treatments to loss, motherhood contains within it worlds of experiences. We connected with poet and playwright Lisa Grunberger to talk about her... Continue Reading →

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