THE BUMPS: August 14 & 15, 2017 | Create. Pregnancy in Content.

An Interview with the Producing Team of THE BUMPS coming to NYC! One of the three tenants of PAAL's mission is the goal to CREATE. That objective runs two-fold: create policy and create content. Creating content promotes developing material that provides dynamic representation of mothers and artists, especially in defining moments of life, that provide... Continue Reading →


Body-Shaming and Motherhood in the Theatre | Parent Artist Advocacy League for the Performing Arts

by Rachel Spencer Hewitt PAAL Founder "A reminder to us who train designers and have assistants - that we must 'TEACH' fitting room etiquette and sensitivity." - Valerie Marcus Ramshur, Head of Costume Design/Rutgers University - PAAL Rep NYC As we've mentioned in other articles, online communities have become sanctuaries for women in the theatre who choose... Continue Reading →

500 Words or Less

by Catherine Mueller Melwani PAAL Contribution Rep, NYC Below is a first response to this impossible writing prompt: In 500 words or less, please share your story about becoming a mother. Was there anything about your experience that defies conventions? And what aspects were the most important, meaningful or difficult for you? It is 630am.  My son... Continue Reading →

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