International Mother Artist Day is Back Aug. 2 | PAAL

In 2018, PAAL joined with Philadelphia Women's Theatre Festival for the first Motherhood Reading Festival, which featured four days of four mother directors, four mother playwrights, themes that integrated motherhood, and theatre programming for chidren on-site simultaneously with the reading series for parents to be able to attend with their families. Last year, almost 100,000... Continue Reading →


Change is Coming: Cry it Out at Women’s Theatre Festival | PAAL

My mother-self fought my actor-self daily on when I would be ready to get back to work. I wanted to make art, but I wanted to be with my daughter. There was no middle ground in my mind, it was one or the other.

PAAL Launches North Carolina Chapter in the Triangle, Johannah Maynard Edwards of WTF as PAAL Chief Rep | PAAL

Parent Artist Advocacy League for the Performing Arts (PAAL) will launch its North Carolina chapter in the Triangle at the 2019 Women’s Theatre Festival in North Carolina. Women’s Theatre Festival has developed programming for parents at this year’s festival that exemplifies parent support. Because of this, PAAL is proud to partner with WTF on this... Continue Reading →

Radical Festival Supports Parent Artists in Raleigh, NC | PAAL

To great success, last year PAAL partnered with Philadelphia Women's Theatre Festival on the first ever Motherhood Reading Festival (northeast parents, our partners at PWTF are continuing their integrated kids programming this year! Check them out here if that's your region. More on that soon). Because of last year's incredible experience, I often wondered where... Continue Reading →

Mother of Boys Tackles American Giants – Help Her Win | PAAL

When the first rounds of migrant imprisonment escalation began to crop into public view, campaign requests flew across my page. Sara Farrington, playwright and activist, was committing her time round the clock to ensuring her wishlists on Amazon for migrant families got fulfilled. Her tireless efforts gave me the much-needed opportunity to enact change and... Continue Reading →

Caregiver Celebration for Veterans and their Families | PAAL

One of our favorite rewards to this advocacy is learning about the various incredible opportunities that arts organizations are developing with families in mind. One organization, Waterwell, decided to take the initiatives a step further and recognize the power of family-inclusion and its ability to connect to community. This memorial day weekend, Waterwell is hosting... Continue Reading →

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