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My conversation with Dana unexpectedly became a mixture of motherhood strategy and IFCAP strategy, motherhood purpose and IFCAP purpose. I told her I did not want to disappear, to be rendered invisible. I was scared that if I continued our hiatus, both I and IFCAP would evaporate forever from everyone’s minds, but I was not sure how to proceed.

On Solutions for Isolation and Discrimination | Parent Artist Advocacy League for the Performing Arts

Our responsibility, as a professional, inclusive artistic community, is to assess what must change within institutions and policy in order to create a culture where parent artists may interview, work, and produce without self-erasure or fear.

No Money for Real Change | For Administrators & Parent Artists

by Rachel Spencer Hewitt PAAL Founder Rarely do the arts boast a surplus of resources, and in today's political climate, "the arts" as a social contribution holds little of its deserved value on the economic or cultural scale. Yet, in spite of these obstacles, many artists with added responsibilities, namely parents, crave contributing their gifts and... Continue Reading →

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