Giving Time to Learn a Mother’s Story: YEN at Raven Theatre

When working on YEN at Raven Theatre, director Elly Green gave birth before first preview. She shared about the trust and support she experienced in Episode 1 of our PAAL TV interview. Now, in Episode 2, we talk about agency, the evolution of need, and what different artists prefer in terms of the proximity of... Continue Reading →


Support for Philadelphia Parent Artists in Theatre! | PAAL

When PAAL officially launched in 2017, Philadelphia was the first chapter city to host it. PAAL has since been featured in countless conversations around the country, advocating for parent artists, including the upcoming Women of Broadway panel on parenthood in the theatre in New York City on May 7. Before diving into our third year,... Continue Reading →

When Mothers Tackle Violence and Neglect: YEN at Raven Theatre (Pt. 2) | PAAL

Starvation for affection seeps through every moment of YEN at Raven Theatre. The robust outside world, technically invisible to the audience, hammers the characters onstage mercilessly. Largely confined to a single room, the relationships of YEN consist of  two brothers, a single mother, and a neighbor stranger. The dynamics leave one to think if only... Continue Reading →

Crossing Generations to Find Forgiveness: Motherhood & The Abuelas at Teatro Vista | PAAL

Interview by Rachel Spencer HewittThe call is scheduled late in the evening, post-bedtime for some of us, mid-bedtime for others as is evident from the sounds of children in the background. This group call seamlessly zips between sharing bedtime routines to Argentinian history to execution of craft without missing a beat, in large part because... Continue Reading →

First National Childcare Grants for All Disciplines in the Performing Arts Awarded by Parent Artist Advocacy League | PAAL

The first national, all-discipline childcare grant awards from Parent Artist Advocacy League for the Performing Arts have been awarded to five recipients, including four individual childcare grants and one institutional childcare match grant. The institution match grant has multiplied and more institution sponsorships and grants will be awarded for this year as well. In just... Continue Reading →

What She Looks Like: Stephanie Alison Walker | Writer | PAAL Mother Artist Interview

With her play The Madres and its sequel The Abuelas - which starts previews this Saturday at Victory Gardens Theater in Chicago - Stephanie Walker takes on the inner terrain of human experience to navigate through our shame, collective responsibility, and the lengths some will go to rectify wrongs. Her protagonists are, in these plays,... Continue Reading →

Mom’s Fatal Fall Highlights Our Accessibility Discussions – Who Will Listen?

TW: Accidents, Mother Death It could have been any mother left without help in need of transportation. In the middle of winter, with fewer than 30% of New York's subways providing elevators, and buses providing mixed requirements on the folding or allowance of strollers on buses, most parents have to access the stairs with strollers,... Continue Reading →

What She Looks Like: Rebecca Phillips Epstein | Screenwriter, Essayist, and Dramaturg | PAAL Mother Artist Interview

With the ability to work in both theatre and television, many gifted writers who become mothers encounter the gaps in our artist support systems two-fold. For one screenwriter and dramaturg mom, pouring the truth about motherhood into her work opened up professional doors - and exposed the need for professional overhaul in how we treat... Continue Reading →

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