Reframing Rehearsal to Make Space for Motherhood, The Anthropologists and Artemisia’s Intent |PAAL

Innovative solutions in rehearsal for pregnant/mother artists exist. Some companies are restructuring old ways and thinking to support and engage their parent artists. One such company with a touring show going up in NYC on Sept. 14 and at the Scranton Fringe Sept. 27-29 is The Anthropologists with their fierce solo piece Artemisia's Intent, winner... Continue Reading →


Almost Pregnant: Motherhood, Infertility, and Poetry at Philly Fringe 2018 | PAAL

As we search the country for motherhood in content, the most moving topics and experiences come to our attention. Motherhood is not a cookie-cutter experience or achievement. From birth to adoption to fertility treatments to loss, motherhood contains within it worlds of experiences. We connected with poet and playwright Lisa Grunberger to talk about her... Continue Reading →

7 Cities, 14 Plays Tackling Motherhood | PAAL

PAAL reps are conquering the world - from Chicago to Boston to Amsterdam, pieces wrestling with motherhood and exploring the universal qualities are finding their way to the stage. Along the way, we've met some artists whose work wrestles with the same. We wanted to feature these artists here. There are galaxies to explore in... Continue Reading →

Critical Bias Against Motherhood in CRY IT OUT: The Playwright’s Response | PAAL

Playwright Molly Smith Metzler's riveting piece Cry It Out tackles the early moments of motherhood and the complexities of sacrifice, compromise, doubt, love and relationship. Across the country, numerous theatres have picked up on the value of motherhood in storytelling and claimed Cry It Out for their seasons. PAAL collaborated with Northlight Theatre in Chicago... Continue Reading →

Mothers of Color in Theatre | PAAL

Since the beginning of PAAL’s formation, our goal has been to investigate and create solutions that address the intersectional reality of parenting in the theatre. In addition to gender-based obstacles and biases, race plays a key role in identifying discrimination that negatively affects work opportunities, promotional tracks, and creating a diverse artistic community. This past... Continue Reading →

Motherhood and Art at MoMA | PAAL

This piece comes during a week celebrating Motherhood in Content along with the Motherhood Reading Festival in Philadelphia at our partner org Philadelphia Women's Theatre Festival and our collaboration on Aug. 2 for #IntlMotherArtistDay. On May 24th, 2018, I visited the Museum of Modern Art in NYC. The following day, I received an email thanking me... Continue Reading →

Episode 1 of the PAAL Podcast is LIVE | PAAL

Earlier this week, we posted a teaser on our Instagram, just getting started, of what we were recording. SURPRISE! It's the PAAL Podcast, a podcast dedicated to parents and caregivers in the performing arts - all-parent, all-discipline, all stage and place in career. Episode 1, "I WILL HOLD YOUR BABY," launches with our first interview:... Continue Reading →

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