Motherhood and Art at MoMA | PAAL

This piece comes during a week celebrating Motherhood in Content along with the Motherhood Reading Festival in Philadelphia at our partner org Philadelphia Women's Theatre Festival and our collaboration on Aug. 2 for #IntlMotherArtistDay. On May 24th, 2018, I visited the Museum of Modern Art in NYC. The following day, I received an email thanking me... Continue Reading →


Zen & the Art of Mourning a Mother: Interview with Playwright Emma Goldman-Sherman | PAAL

Playwright Emma Goldman-Sherman returned to the pages of her play as a personal meditation. After losing her mother at 19, Emma explored this loss through the voices of her diverse characters - but the pages had yet to receive a full reading. As a mother, Emma reveals the reality of taking time away and the... Continue Reading →

Episode 1 of the PAAL Podcast is LIVE | PAAL

Earlier this week, we posted a teaser on our Instagram, just getting started, of what we were recording. SURPRISE! It's the PAAL Podcast, a podcast dedicated to parents and caregivers in the performing arts - all-parent, all-discipline, all stage and place in career. Episode 1, "I WILL HOLD YOUR BABY," launches with our first interview:... Continue Reading →

Facebook LIVE – JULY 5 @ 4:15PM EST: Interview with Playwright Emma Gibson

Tune in LIVE for our interview with Emma Gibson, motherhood festival playwright of Water in My Hands going up at the Motherhood Festival Series from our partner organization the Philadelphia Women's Theatre Festival! To see the interview, visit our Facebook page here: Read more about Emma's play and the festival here: WATER IN MY HANDS... Continue Reading →

Art and Motherhood at MoMA | PAAL

On May 24th, 2018, I visited the Museum of Modern Art in NYC. The following day, I received an email thanking me for my MoMA membership and my visit, with a request for me to share about my experience. I replied with the following, but received no response. PAAL is publishing it here, so the... Continue Reading →

Childcare During Performance – Interview: On the Boards (Seattle, WA) | PAAL

We had the pleasure of conducting an interview with Beth Raas-Bergquist, Director of Development at On the Boards theatre in Seattle, WA. We are fascinated by the opportunity for childcare during performance. Are you interested in providing it to your theatre? Are you taking advantage of it in your community? Write us! We have more interviews... Continue Reading →

PAAL Childcare Grants Announced | PAAL

At our second annual forums launch in Philadelphia, we announced our first Childcare Grants coming this year. The grants are listed below. We're starting off small, but it's a start. These grants are micro-grants designed for individual artists and projects. How would you use a Childcare Grant? What would you make? Tell us in the... Continue Reading →

Motherhood and Meaning | PAAL

I have three children. A lot of people think this is insane, and most days I tend to agree with them. But I love being a mother and three kids just felt right for our family. I also love being an actress. I once asked my mother what the meaning of life was and she told... Continue Reading →

Public Letter to Employers re: Julie Fuchs and Pregnancy Discrimination | PAAL

Dear Employers of Pregnant Artists, As the founder of Parent Artist Advocacy League for the Performing Arts, my letters to institutions now become public and specific. To begin, an open letter regarding the decision of the Staatsober Hamburger to terminate a contract with Julie Fuchs due to pregnancy. Julie Fuchs' incredibly gracious and devastating announcement... Continue Reading →

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