Triplight at Joe’s Pub: New Musical from Mother Team in NYC | PAAL Interview

Rehearsal begins, and actors pick up instruments to begin to play. Melodies, harmonies burst forth to launch The Band's Visit Kristen Sieh into her story. The image of the room is performers engaged fully in their offering in dynamic marks across the stage. The room is empty but for a few creative contributors, the space... Continue Reading →

Caregiver Celebration for Veterans and their Families | PAAL

One of our favorite rewards to this advocacy is learning about the various incredible opportunities that arts organizations are developing with families in mind. One organization, Waterwell, decided to take the initiatives a step further and recognize the power of family-inclusion and its ability to connect to community. This memorial day weekend, Waterwell is hosting... Continue Reading →

National Partnership Announced: PAAL and StateraArts | PAAL

StateraArts and Parent Artist Advocacy League for the Performing Arts (PAAL) announce their national partnership with the goal to create complimentary and robust resources, solutions, and programming toward intersectional gender parity and sustainability through collaboration. Deriving their name from the Latin word for balance, Statera is a national non-profit that takes positive action to bring women*... Continue Reading →

When Mothers Tackle Violence and Neglect: YEN at Raven Theatre (Pt. 2) | PAAL

Starvation for affection seeps through every moment of YEN at Raven Theatre. The robust outside world, technically invisible to the audience, hammers the characters onstage mercilessly. Largely confined to a single room, the relationships of YEN consist of  two brothers, a single mother, and a neighbor stranger. The dynamics leave one to think if only... Continue Reading →

Crossing Generations to Find Forgiveness: Motherhood & The Abuelas at Teatro Vista | PAAL

Interview by Rachel Spencer HewittThe call is scheduled late in the evening, post-bedtime for some of us, mid-bedtime for others as is evident from the sounds of children in the background. This group call seamlessly zips between sharing bedtime routines to Argentinian history to execution of craft without missing a beat, in large part because... Continue Reading →

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